Strife & Sire: Fire & Ice Ed.


Nathan Hamill's Strife & Sire "Fire & Ice" BAIT Exclusive Figure & Signing Event

Southern Californian lifestyle brand, BAIT, taps into some of the local talent with their latest exclusive, the "Fire & Ice" edition of LA-based artist Nathan Hamill's Strife & Sire figure.

Limited to 100 pieces, the Strife & Sire "Fire & Ice Edition" is a two-piece figure that stands at a total of seven inches. The toy depicts Strife, the warrior imp, in an intense red to represent his undying loyalty to the fallen god Sire, whose skull is painted in a cool blue to complete the contrasting fire and ice theme.

The BAIT exclusive release will launch with a special in-store signing event featuring Hamill himself. The event will take place at the flagship store in Diamond Bar on January 19, 2013 from 5 - 7PM; mini prints will be included with each purchase of the figure.

The Strife & Sire "Fire & Ice Edition" will retail for $50. They will be available through the day after the in-store launch, January 20.


2753 Diamond Bar Blvd Suite B

Diamond Bar, CA 91765