Bellicose Bunny Dynomighty Wallet

Hey all,

         I've just submitted a design to Dynomighty's artist collective. 

    It's design comes from my Bellicose Bunny print
from 2011 titled "Animalia."

 How the project works is I need 30 people in 30 days to pre-order the wallet for it to go into production.

That's it.

Pretty simple.

People won't be charged until after the 30 day period.

So please spread the word and/or get yerself a brand new wallet.

Bellicose Bunny: Finalist for Best Vinyl for The Designer Toy Awards 2013

Well done, little buddy.

The Finalists in each of the Designer Toy Awards's categories have now been officially announced! Congradulations to one and all. The Winner in each category will be announced at the 3rd Annual DTA ceremony in New York City on October 12th, 2013 (during New York Comic-Con weekend).

The 3rd Annual Designer Toy Awards Finalists: