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Episode 1: The Funeral 

Dipster must find a way to avoid the funeral of close friend.

Episode 2: The Dentist

Haunches helps Dipster avoid the dentist at all costs.

Episode 3: Presidential Burger

Dipster isn't a fan of Presidential Burger's new secret ingredient.

Episode 4: The Gay Gene

Dipster desperately tries to find out if he has the gay gene.

Episode 5: The Tax Bill

Dipster refuses to pay his $300 tax bill.

Episode 6: Kenny Rogers

Dipster must find a way to get into a sold out Kenny Rogers concert.

Episode 7: Hamburger Fax Machine

Dipster works a scheme to con the elderly out of their money.

Episode 8: Make Your Own Cheeseburger

Dipster opens his own cheeseburger restaurant.

Episode 9: Virtual Balloon Rides

Dipster devises a plan to start his very own sightseeing business.

Episode 10: The Hot Chick

Dipster meets a hot chick on the Internet and plots to meet her.