Ewokong: Star Wars Galaxy 5 Base Card

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Here's the base card I did for Star Wars Galaxy 5. The 120 card collection will be released February 24, 2010 and will feature new base card artwork, sketch cards, foil cards, the art of Star Wars Celebration and more.

This project was a dream come true. I've been a Star Wars fan as far back as I can remember so it was extremely exciting to be able to really stretch my muscles in this universe.

And I found that as I get older, my affinity for Ewoks grows. Maybe it's part of myself wanting to return to my youth and the days when "Jedi" was released or maybe it's a realization that they're actually pretty vicious lil guys. And, yes, they're cute but there's also something quite unsettling about them. The human like teeth? The black, beady eyes? Their hunger for flesh?

Feel free to turn the comments section into a dissection of the Ewok and their merits or lack thereof...

Here are the various stages of the piece:

And happy birthday, Mom.